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Welcome to the World of Kemen, a land of fierce passions and betrayals. From the Time of Legends to the present, the land has been a battleground for good and evil; order and chaos. Gods have fallen at the hands of men, and mortals have become gods. Empires rise and fall, their neighbors swallow Kingdoms, and ancient civilizations have passed beneath the sands of time.   Throughout, the majority of peasants and tribesmen have fought for survival from the elements and their poverty. The poor have little interests in the greater picture and their ignorance has both protected them and allowed them to be pawns in the Great Game of Stones. 


This site is a Guide through the Volumes of the Encyclopedia Kemen, a comprehensive collection of journals, writings, and historical accounts of all Kemen that is known    These Volumes offer Game Rules, Campaign Background, Races and Culture Descriptions, and the Encyclopedia: Atlas.  Volume 1 covers the rules.  Volume 2 is the Maestro Dialogues, a series of essays dealing with Magic in the world of Kemen.  The third in the series is the ever growing Orders, Bands and Secret Societies, which has details regarding the Immortal Company and the Accademie of Maestros as well as the faiths and Religions of the world.  Additions will continue to this Volume.  The Atlas provides detailed game settings and maps.  The latter are arriving slowly. Few libraries outside of the City of Eye, offer access to this vast collection. 

Kemen is a campaign setting for the adventures of the Immortal Company, The Accademie of Maestros, and several other smaller campaigns. A fantasy location, much of it mirrors Europe of Terra in the 13th century. However, since it is a fantasy setting magic beings walk the forest and some men posses the blessings or curses that allow them to wield spells.   While proscribed throughout much of the civilized world, magic survives and a few practitioners have worked their way into positions of power. 


The mechanics of the Kemen Campaign are based on a d100 or percentile system. I owe much to I.C.E. and their Rolemaster and MERP game systems. AD&D, ArsMagica, and Hârn have all been useful as both sources and inspiration. I subscribe to the idea that all fantasy creators are colonist, borrowing bits here and there. Any similarities with the above commercial RPGs are purely coincidental. 

Thank you for exploring the Encyclopedia of Kemen.  Please visit some of the other Links attached to this site. If you are interested in viewing the Maps up close and personal, a free "CC2 Viewer" for Campaign Cartographer Vers.6 can be downloaded from Profantasy.

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Rules of the Game                                  The Immortal Company                   Kemen Atlas

VOL. 1


*  Character Development 

This volume includes all of the rules needed to create a character for play in any of the ongoing Kemen campaigns. Following the above link takes you to a title page where you can choose from Character Development, Tables of Skills, the Races and Cultures of Kemen, Lists of Virtues and Flaws for optional development, Weapons Tables, Armor Charts, and Experience Point Tables.


       *  Campaign Links


In addition, this volume contains relevant links for several ongoing campaigns in the Kemen setting. The Immortal Company follows a band of mercenaries as they battle for gold and glory with cunning and skill. The second, campaign is a Play-by-email game that explores magic and adventure throughout the world but with a base at the University of Eye.

        * The Immortal Company


             *The Maestro Adventures

VOL. 2


  The Dialogues

Forward: Introduction by Jontom Merillit


Book 1:   The Essential Mage by Serro Serrani

(Essence Realm)


Book 2Your Personal Avatar by Marcus Natora

(Channeling Realm)


Book 3:   The Power Within by Jachim Galanter

(Mentalism Realm)


Book 4Spirits in the Material World by Tor Kar'Reva

(Spirit Realm and Shaman)


Book 5:   Antiguus Magicus by Waren Unliye

(The Dominion and Eldar)


Book 6:   Angreal, Relics, and Pars Magica by Keeper Jahael Silwalan


Book 7:  Nodes, Nulls and Magic Regios by Nasra El Da'vim


Book 8:   Chaos Magic or White Makes Right by Kendrath Forgaer "The Rocksweeper"

(Chaos Magic)


Book 9:   The Grey Way- Life of Balance by Padrige the "Wanderer"

(Non Shaman Druidism)


Book 10Ordu Ordis Magica- by Randal Parsia

(The Accademie of Maestros)

VOL. 3


*  The Immortal Company

*  The Accademie of Maestros

*  Caldensian Church
*  The Messengers Guild
*  Kuism: Faith in the Four Gods



*The Outlands
*      The Republic of Eye

*      The Kingdom of Hammoth

*      Lantilo and Guildwort

                *      The Paladyne

*      The Kingdoms of Llynern


 * The High Empire

*      The Adwicks
*      Bridy

*      Eltz

*      Lordship of the Isles

*      Imperial Cities

*      Newark

*      Palandryd
*      Raglar

*      Valon

        * The North

                *      The Jarldom of Grovna


                *      The Republic of Lamon

                *      The Moredon Protectorate

                *      The Walls of Tartarus

                *      Vortigern

         * The West

                *      Lythdia

*      Magdaland

*      Palador

*      The Isle of Olach

*      The Realm of Skye


*     The Anvil

*     The Burnt Sea

            *      Dracostann

            *      The Jewel Cities

            *      Tyrolach